Friendly Support by: Katia Charalabaki (HESTAFTA, Athens), Nikos Paritsis (Society of Systemic Therapy, Crete), Dionisis Sakkas (HELASYTH, Athens), † Vaso Vasileiou (AKMA, Athens), Mina Polemi-Todoulou (ETHOS).

Honorary Supporters: Harlene Anderson (U.S.A.), Mary Catherine Bateson (U.S.A.), † Gianfranco Cecchin (Italy), Lynn Hoffman (U.S.A.), Luigi Onnis (Italy), Arnold Retzer (Germany), Jaakko Seikkula (Finland), Helm Stierlin (Germany), Wendel A. Ray (Η.Π.Α.).

"Sponsors" (Universities): Aristotle University of Thessaloniki(Library), University Mental Health Research Institute (UMHRI, Athens), University of Bergamo (Italy).

"Sponsors" (Institutes): Athenian Institute of Anthropos,  North Hellenic Psychoanalytic Association, Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations, Ergastirion of Systemic Thinking and Training, Training and Research Institute for Systemic Psychotherapy,  Institute of Systemic Therapy of Thessaloniki (ISTT), Institute of Systemic Thinking and Psychotherapy (ISSP), Center for the Systemic Study and Therapy of Thessaloniki, Social Welfare Center of Central Macedonia, SOS Villages Greece.

"Sponsors" (Individuals): Anastasiou Ioannis, Kioses Dimitris.