User Registration Instructions

On visiting Metalogos and choosing their preferred language (English or Greek), new users are invited to click the “Create new account” button on the upper right corner of the website.
In order for a new account to be created, the user has to fill in the website the details of their real full name (as a username) and their real email address.
Shortly after filling in and submitting the information, the user will receive an email (to the email address they provided) which welcomes them to Metalogos. At this time, the user is required to wait until the administrator approves the account. This procedure could take minutes or hours, depending whether or not the administrator is available at the time, so your patience is kindly requested during that time. Account approval almost never takes longer than a day.
When the administrator approves the account, the user will be sent a second email, which has a one-use link. This link can never be used a second time. Clicking that redirects the user to the website of Metalogos where they are requested to fill in their desired password, and optionally if they wish they could also fill in their real address details in case they want to purchase printed copies of Metalogos Issues and have them mailed to them.
After filling in and confirming your password, the user should click the save button in the same window below. Congratulations, you are now a subscriber to Metalogos and you can use the username and password you have been provided to log into the website.
Note: Passwords should never be shared with anyone, and should be kept somewhere in case they get lost. Also, it is a good practice to keep a note of the username you provided as well.