Welcome to the Νew Metalogos!
As we keep on believing that the form is related to the content and the content with the form, four years after its passage to the electronic form, the well known journal Metalogos, proceeds with one more renewal and re-organisation.
Metalogos continues to be the biannual journal of The Systemic Association of Northern Greece - the association of the family therapists in North Greece.
It continues to focus on the systemic approaches and their developments and to be orientated towards psychotherapy - the clinical practice in relation to theory.
At the same time, Metalogos continues to count on the contribution of and the interaction between writers, readers and editing committee.
This means that its Contents may include texts, videos, artworks and there will be space for critique and comments on each one of them. Some Guidelines for Commenting.
The writers are invited to express their wish if their texts/scientific videos will go through the formal «blind» assessment process by two independent assessors, or not.
In an attempt to enhance transparency, the criteria applied by the independent assessors are public.
If the writers/contributors don’ t wish their presentations to go through this process, then their texts/videos will be uploaded in the BLOG of Metalogos, after the Editing Committee decide that they are attuned to the journal's general context.
Comments, critique and fruitful discussion on such presentations are warmly invited.
In this way we hope that Metalogos and especially the BLOG of Metalogos may become a place of interaction, discussion, knowledge.
Additionally, in the BLOG of Metalogos, discussions on specific themes will be organized, based either on a text or a video or a question put for exchanging opinions.
These special discussions will be announced well in advance, and will have a list of participants, two coordinators and limited time duration.
Naturally, due to the enormous complexity of cyberspace, participants should take care in any case to abide by the terms and conditions regarding respect of personal data, copyright, proper conduct during the discussions etc.
In other words, 
We THANK YOU for your precious contribution of your suggestions and work so far
and invite you to continue our collaboration in the co-construction
of the New Metalogos
enjoying a good, fruitful and useful discussion!

The Blog of Metalogos
It has been our hope and vision for this blog to become a forum of fruitful discussion. Therefore, we have envisaged it to host:
  • The texts (or the scientific videos) which the authors prefer to submit straight on to the blog and not to the formal assessment process by the two independent assessors and the philological editing by Metalogos. In this case the authors/creators will have sole responsibility for the content and the form of their presentations. Although exchange of ideas and discussion among the readers of Metalogos generated by such texts/videos has been warmly invited and hoped for, there has not been much of a response. We are still looking forward, though, to a real development of a rich discussion among us and to a full use of the huge possibilities our interaction through this journal could have.
  • Discussions, (probably in between the 6-monthly Issues) on specific topics among the registered readers of Metalogos will be organized, starting off with a proposed text or a video or a question. Such specific discussions will be announced well in advance. They will be running for a specific length of time and there will be a list of participants and two coordinators for each discussion.
Note: the terms of good conduct and use of internet are in order.